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Cloud Services

Scalable Cloud Services give companies on the smallest budgets the chance to perform on a platform and scale far beyond their size. We work with our clients to develop cloud services that bring them into the 'big league' of affordable stabiltiy, security, and accessibility.

Robust and Secure Systems

We work with our clients and their data controllers to ensure that all layers in their technology stack are conformant to secure common sense practices, including GDPR. From hardware and secure cloud services, to encrypted databases with internal segration of personal data.

Geographical Information

Geographical Information Systems can contain a wealth of data and information. Many systems these days are either overly complex, or too simplistic. We work with our clients to bring together complex geographical and environmental monitoring data into accessible and manageable systems.

Integrating Systems

Complex data structures, disparate data sources, and obtuse legacy systems can cause companies to find themselves locked into poor situations and support contracts. We work with our customers to take ownership of their data and move into clean, simple, and future flexible data systems.

Clients and Business Partners

Allerdale Borough Council
OSPAR Commission
Rijkswaterstaat - Jomopans

Customer Feedback

"MCL showed an excellent understanding of our needs and developed a solution that far exceeded our expectations. In addition, MCL took great effort to understand OSPAR as an organisation to ensure that the outcome was appropriate for our needs and capacities."

OSPAR, June 2017

"MCL exceeded expectations; the project was delivered on budget and on time even with an amended specification. We would work with MCL again without hesitation and readily recommend them for work on data management solutions."

OSPAR, June 2017

"The team had an excellent grasp of our requirements and what we at the Council wanted to achieve, and come up with solutions to the issues presented. Their tender submission stood out as the one which most understood what we were looking to achieve and the complexity of the situation"

Allerdale Borough Council, April 2018

"The CMS and back-end server technology is far more robust, user-friendly and flexible than anything we have had before and we have leapt over and above the solutions used by neighbouring Councils (as one employee from a local council said: 'we have joined the premier league' "

Allerdale Borough Council, April 2018

"Communication is key in projects of this nature and the lines to MCL were always open. ... the information could be portrayed to technical and non-technical groups alike. We formed an excellent working relationship right from the start, making it easy to talk through the challenges that came up along the way and deal with them in a very effective manner."

OSPAR, June 2017

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