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Environmental & Geographical

Building on open-source and commercial Geographical Information Systems and custom software solutions.

Investment Banking & Corporate

Specialists in Microsoft technology for Finance, Risk and critical Front-Office systems.

Government & Public Sector

Developing Business Intelligence Systems to provide insights into secure national scale data.

Open-Source Contributor

Contributing to the wider development community's body of work.

​​Simple answers from ​​complex systems.

Michael Carder Ltd is a specialised consultancy working to create clarity and vision for businesses from within their own data or by constructing bespoke solutions. We provide the expertise required to manage complex data in Financial, Environmental, Government and Business Information Systems.

The company has over 15 years experience providing niche and specialist skills to solve complex big data questions. We have grown from a small consultancy in size and revenue to become a trusted business partner to our clients and provider of specialised skills.